Teen's Prom Gets Canceled, So The 7-Year-Old Boy She Babysits Throws Her One Instead

For the past year, a 17-year-old high school senior named Rachel Chapman has been babysitting a little boy named Curtis.

After finishing her school days at Sanderson High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, Rachel would pick Curtis up from his own school, take him to the playground, and sit down to help him with his homework.

Curtis' mom, Elissa, watched in delight as her son developed a very special kinship with his caring part-time babysitter. "She has become a part of our family," Elissa told Good Morning America.

At the start of the global pandemic, all of the events organized for the seniors at Rachel's school were canceled, which included her senior prom.

And to make sure they both stayed safe during social distancing, Rachel didn't see Curtis for two long months. He really missed her.

Elissa explained to Curtis what was going on. She also mentioned that Rachel's prom was unfortunately canceled and that she wouldn't be able to enjoy the events a typical teen would during this time.

But Curtis instantly came up with an idea, and Elissa was more than happy to help him see his plan through.

Rachel never saw it coming ... and now the entire country is falling in love with this sweet story.